"How I Sold Over $30 Million In Consumer Electronics..."
  • ​How to find the best wholesale suppliers for smartphones, tablets, computers and other high demand electronics.
  • ​How to scale and automate your business so you can earn a consistent monthly income and not be stressed out 24/7.
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Ranked #427 on Inc. Magazine Top 500 List

In this training, Hayden will show you how he took his wholesale electronics business from zero to over $8 million in annual sales in just a few years.

You will learn how the wholesale industry operates and where to meet the best buyers and sellers in the world. Find out how you can start working with wholesalers and retailers from around the world.

Trade-In Tech has worked with hundreds of companies and can confidently provide with the most up to date industry knowledge and contacts. We will teach you what it takes to be successful in the industry even if you don't have any experience at all...

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"Always impressed by Trade-In Tech's marketing strategies. Such a pleasure to do business with a reliable company."
 - Ahmad Loul,  Global Geeks
"Hayden's training allowed us to automate our prospecting tasks and made sure we only focused on serious customers."
 - Muhammad Zoubi,  Mass Mobile
"They have taught me so much about the industry. Trade-In Tech was one of the first wholesale companies I started working with. They are honest, respectful and set the industry standards."
 - Jason Visor,  BuyBack Solutions
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